Purchase order financing

»To fulfill bigger orders.«

PO financing is a short-termed financing of purchased material based on orders or concluded agreements with your buyers. This services is suitable for companies which have certain limitations when gaining short-termed financing at a bank, e.g. start-up companies or companies which get bigger once-time orders.

In combination with factoring or/and Asset Based Financing we can manage for you the whole chain of your obligations and receivables.

To whom is it intended for?

Our PO product is a solution for a larger spectre of import or export companies, traders and producers which confront themselves with obstacles when managing cash flow due to the seasonality, fast growth, undercapitalization or restructuring within the company.

How it works

  1. You receive an order or conclude a purchase agreement with the buyer.
  2. Your supplier requires advance payment.
  3. With PO financing you can settle your obligations towards the supplier which then release goods.
  4. You sell the end-product to the buyer on open account.
  5. Buyer pays the obligation to us.

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