Assed based lending

Based on your short or long-termed assets we can approve you a financing limit, secured by any of your assets.

An alternative to bank … surely more flexible

We are there for you when there might occur some obstacles by getting credit limits at your bank. We are supporting companies which are not in position to get bank-financing or just don’t want to contend with long-lasting approval procedures.

PRO-FOCUS is not limited by bank regulations which enables us to be more flexible and responsive when evaluating the worth of your assets as we estimate the whole picture of your business and not solely rely on the balance sheets.

Combine by yourself

The most common form of this kind of financing is establishment of revolving limit of financing which enables you a constant source of working capital.

We are also offering financing in the form of short or middle-termed loans. The purpose of this kind of financing is to help you realize any kind of project, purchase of machines or intellectual property.

You can decide to combine both forms to gain constant source of working capital and on the other hand also use financing for short or middle-termed projects. You will be always cooperating with the same business partner, i.e. PRO-FOCUS.

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